Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tumbling Turtles - 2012 Christmas Card

It's become a tradition over the past several years, for us to create a turtle themed Christmas card; they're a real labor of love we send out to friends and family.

Each year we start with a basic design - never traditional - and preferably modular. In this case, an old fashioned bicycle and tumbling turtle snowflakes. Each element is a separate, hand carved linoleum block, which we use to create hand-pulled prints. We cheated a little this year, only the bike is hand pulled, the turtles are done more rubber stamp style. A swipe of white, sparkle ink grounds the design. Currently, we print approximately 70 cards (more really, if you count the rejects) and every year we intend to start earlier, but you know what the say about intentions....

Each one of these blocks can be reused for non-Christmas projects; we're starting to accumulate quite a library of turtle designs! 

Enjoy your holiday!

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