Sunday, January 17, 2010

1st annual Academy of Mid-19th Century Life

We are very pleased to be involved from the very beginnings of this educational opportunity and are committed to helping it grow in the future:

1st Annual Academy of Mid 19th Century Life

Join us to learn new skills, taste period food, and overall, deepen your impression.

July 16th, 2010 12 ~ 5pm
Charlton Park in Hastings, MI

Cost of Workshops: $25 * Send in your registration and fee to reserve your spot.
Workshops sizes are limited.
Set up your camp and then join us for:

Demeanor and Deportment: Practical Advice for the Aspiring Lady or Gentleman
During the mid-19th century, industrialization and urbanization caused a vast increase in the middle class. In turn, many men and women needed to learn proper behavior for ladies and gentlemen. Learn what defines a "gentleperson" and when/ how such behavior is appropriate.
~ Presented by Robin Dorman

Dare to Dance
Break out the Beer-Can Hold ‘cause Mrs. Hardee’s comin’ to town. This interactive workshop will provide you with the basic steps of 19th century dancing as well as the reasons behind the movements. ~ Presented by Brenda Plakmeyer

Hanky, Hankie - Who has the Handkerchief?
Handkerchief's are an indispensable accessory for every persona, whether practical or frivolous. This will be a "make it/take it" session, options for embellishing a pre-made handkerchief will be presented and original hankies will be on display. ~ Presented by Kelly Dorman

Mmmmm…History Tastes Good
Ever wanted to try “A Very Good Cake”, but were leery about the pound of lard that was required? Sample a period food and drink and take home some new receipts that you can use at the next event along with how to store the food. ~ Presented by Sheri Giffin

*$5 for supplies and $20 will be donated to Charlton Park for education of the next generation.

Send in your registration and fee to reserve your spot.
Workshops sizes are limited.Name: __________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City, State Zip: ____________________________________

Email: ____________________________________ (for confirmation)

Make checks to Sally Vander Ark
Send to: Sally Vander Ark, 807 B Court Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49085
Enrollment will be limited to the first 50 registered participants.
This is intended to be a relaxed, but informative venue for learning and sharing. We plan on starting small, but hope to develop and grow in the future - wish us luck!

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