Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beach Glass

Lovely, isn't it? But it's not the typical beach glass, it's actually sheets of ice pushed ashore by wind and currents.

We finally had a sunny day and it seemed like a good opportunity for a walk on the shore, well we were probably out on the lake - but not too far.
Someone else, a coyote most likely, had been walking before us:

Ice to the west:

And ice to the east:

But still open water, at least for the moment.


  1. Oh how beautiful~ I wish I could take a drive up and see it in person.

  2. i wish you would post these on twitter and facebook-not enough of the real beauty of the great lakes on there.....if you would make note cards with these photos i would purchase them. while living in california i shared yosemites beauty by sending photo/artwork cards. i have been having a terrible time since moving back to mich to find cards that show the beauty of the great lakes. people in the west just don't understand how beautiful and huge the great lakes and michigan are.

  3. Thanks Faith!

    I frequently use my photos for cards to send to friends, but I've never considered offering them for sale - there are some many professional photographers that offer them here on the Island, I don't think I could compete.

  4. i contacted the island book store last year and they said they had nothing! i want to share the extraordinary beauty of the great lakes with friends west and it is so hard to find anything - i was born in lansing and have checked there - checked michigania - NOTHING! so you might think about it. yours i would put in the 'extraordinary' category.

  5. georgous! I love it! The little lakes here (nw minn.) moan in the spring during the thaw, it reminds me of whales. Your big lake has teeth, kind of scary. I wonder what the sound is when its crunching up the ice like that.