Sunday, December 5, 2010

Variations on a Theme

I liked my "warm toes" so well, that I made some more - this time as a donation to a fundraising event and all a variation on the basic theme.

This pair is covered with a swirling asymmetrical chain stitched design and the cuffs bound off with a bit of knit trim, there was jussst enough - it must have been meant to be!

This pair ended up with a fold over cuff and studded with a variety of vintage mother of pearl buttons. When I cut these out, I preferred the inside of the felted wool sweater, it had an interesting honeycomb look - so my advice is "look inside before you decide".

These are fun, appliqued dots, in random sizes and placement.

This particular sweater was light weight, so I lined the slippers in the same wool - making them warmer and hiding the applique stitching. I used a fancy stitch on the sewing machine to join the outers to the lining. I had considered a red cuff, but it looked to "elf" like for my taste.

The results: a nice donation of useful and fun items... and no purchase of supplies needed, it all came from the STASH!

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