Friday, December 31, 2010

Bead Journal Project - August

Most garments require closures and this month the "Fantasy Dressmaker" is experimenting with frogs.

Not the kind that jump, of course, but the type which can be used like a button to close a garment. Frogs are usually highly ornamental, designed to enhance the garment they are sewn onto in addition to acting as a closure.

The name is probably a reference to the fact that a frog closure splays out across a garment, like the limbs of a frog.

In historic fashions, frogs are seen on outerwear such as cloaks, capes or paletots. They are also seen on informal at-home-wear, such as ladies wrappers or gentleman's smoking jackets. Frogs do require a buttonhole, a real plus on heavy wool or quilted lining garments.

This particular frog is called a "double-knot" and was formed of an 18" beaded herringbone stitch cord - the herringbone duplicated the look of a braided cord quite nicely. The cord was joined end to end forming a circle which was then tied in an overhand knot - sounds simple doesn't it?

This one was defiantly a challenge but after numerous attempts (and a few bad words) it finally fell into place. Perhaps an actual cord in the center of the beading would have helped, but probably would have been to stiff.

Well, I obviously didn't finish my 2010 BJP on time, but I am committed to finishing - so more to come!


  1. Well, the fantasy dressmaker has sure been busy!! Love this piece. I still have one more BJP to finish up before i start 2011. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to start on Jan. 2011 before too long! Happy Holidays!