Monday, December 13, 2010

You Know It's Cold When...

Most of the year, I bicycle to work.

But late each year the roads become too icy and it's time to walk. It's not a bad walk, about a mile and half, through a cedar forest...and it's all downhill...going to work.

Coming home is another story...

Here's my view as I break through the woods at the edge of the bluff:
That's not fog or snow swirling around lighthouse - it's steam.

The water is around 40 degrees, but the air this morning was around 5 below zero and that temperature differential causes the water to steam.

The old timers say the lake has to steam seven times before the ice makes; based on this weeks forecast, the ice will be making very soon!


  1. One of the things I enjoy most about reading blogs is seeing where people live. The internet has moved us all closer together in an amazing way.
    You live in a remarkable place. But you knew that already. I especially love the bottom photo. It looks like a painting.

  2. It's beautiful..but makes me cold..although, just looking out my own window makes me cold! Yes, I'm a winter wimp!