Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Know It's Cold When...Part 2

The Huron is the only ferry operating at this time of year; the steel hull can deal with breaking through a fair bit of ice. That was a very good thing this morning; after being moored in the harbor in St. Ignace overnight, it took nearly an hour to break free for the first trip of the day to the Island.

Yes, that's a fully decorated Christmas tree, complete with lights - here's a very early morning photo taken last year:

Our currently frigid weather leads to some interesting phenomena, for instance, horizontal icicles!

It's caused by the spray of water hitting the bow and freezing instantly in the wind

I know you must be thinking, "what's with all the concern with ice all of a sudden?"

Well, ice is a major topic of conversation on Mackinac this time of year: When will the ferry be forced to stop due to ice? (soon, very soon most likely), Will there be an ice bridge?

When you live on an island in northern Michigan, everything is focused on water and it's transformation to ice.

So we wait and watch...


  1. I've been cold on a ferry in May. I can't imagine a December ferry ride!

    BTW, I understand I missed an opportunity to meet you in person very recently. I was very disappointed when I found out. =(

  2. Guess I'll stop complaining about our snow and ice!! Now I know why you are such a beautiful beader! You are in the house more than outside 'shopping'!

  3. Hi Lona!

    We had a nice chat with your husband, but I wish we could have met you also - maybe another time.