Thursday, January 27, 2011


"Aswirl" is my entry for the January Art Bead Scene challenge. This months inspiration piece is "Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud.

I love the intense colors, but I really needed to be selective - so I tried to limit myself to the colors in my chosen art bead. (I failed, there's no hot pink in the bead!)

I purchased a set of five coordinating lampwork beads from Etsy seller MichalMenahem.

I've used two in this piece, one as a focal and one in the construction of the clasp. I've plans to use the remaining three in a necklace to match the bracelet.

The bracelet is constructed using freeform peyote stitch; it worked well to emulate the curving forms of the inspiration piece as well as the texture.

Available for purchase here.

And I actually managed to finish the necklace in a timely manner!
It's not typical to butt to focal beads together like this, but I liked the way they flowed together and anyone familiar with my work knows it's seldom typical.

I kept the focus front and center, with just a simple strap for the rest of the necklace; it goes well with the bracelet without being to heavy or overwhelming.


  1. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. The focal beads are fantastic and your beading around them complements them so well.

  2. That looks like an incredible amount of work! I am amazed at what others can do with seed beads! Thanks for sharing this design with us. Enjoy the day,