Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It Snowed in the Night

It snowed in the night, softly, gently, and we awoke to a different world.

A world where a dead plant can bloom again.

A world where a slender branch can defy gravity, supporting volumes of snow.
A world where the cold is embraced.

I walked to work in an overwhelming silence, no wind, no birdsong, no human made noise excepting the sound of my own footsteps.

It was completely magical...

... and oh, so fleeting - by the time I walked home again, the wind had returned, knocking the snow from the trees, the birds were calling and I was scolded by a red squirrel for passing by his tree.

Mackinac magic, there's nothing else that can compare.


  1. if its winter - i want snow. beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful - love the snow, unless i have to shovel it!

  3. You have SUCH a wonderful eye! Not only are the beading projects wonderful, but the photography is glorious!