Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bead Journal Project - November 2010

The "Fantasy Dressmaker" experimented with an ancient technique this month, netting.

Bead netting can be traced back to Egyptian artifacts and is probably older in origin.

The origins of bead netting can be traced back to fiber netting; fiber netting has been used for fishing nets and snares since the earliest times of humankind.

During the Victorian period, bead netting was used to create garments such as capelets, as well as many types of accessories and trims.

The netting is the form of "van dykes" or points, a technique that was adapted from an 1858 bracelet design, which can be seen here.

So why van dyke?

The name "vandyke" originated from a beard, Sir Anthony Vandyke’s beard, (1599-1641), which was short and pointed. From beards to beadwork, the basic shape was recreated in netting, for this design.Vandykes can be seen in many other forms of needlework and are a common motif in dress trimmings from a variety of eras.

The end is in sight, one more month and my Bead Journal Project for 2010 will finally be complete - well, sort of - I have a rather ambitious plan for the twelve swatches.

I also have my plans for my 2011 BJP, I really hope to keep to a better schedule this year!


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing how they all fit together. Your bead work is so wonderful! I really want to try some of these stitches and techniques!

  2. Tell me you're wearing this one at the conference!!! I want to see it!

  3. another wonderful example of your work. just. plain. love. it.