Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attitudes on Snow

It's amazing how a change of location can cause a change of attitude, in my case, regarding snow.

When we lived downstate, it was quite depressing to hear a weather forecast of "2 inches of snow expected" - the shoveling, the driving, the mess.

But now, living in Mackinac,my response is more likely to be, "only 2 inches, we want more!"

And we really do want more, as there's only a very few inches on the ground and it's all light airy snow - not the wet, heavy snow that packs down to a good base for cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing or snowmobiling.

But, it's very pretty and if you slow down and really look at the surroundings, you might be surprised by what you see:

This is a patch of sumac, just down the path from our house; they're a nice patch of color in the winter and the arching berry heads are lovely.

But with the addition of a snowy headdress, they resemble a flock of exotic long necked birds.

This is the remnants of a cow parsnip, they're a favorite of mine, they can be more than 6 feet tall and have a very architectural aspect.
The little stems, which once held flowers and then seeds, seem almost designed to capture and hold the snow.

A trail through the cedars.

And "ye old blockhouse", heading down Fort Hill.

A tiny balsam, which has taken root in an older tree stump; the little "path" in the background is all squirrel tracks - there must be something good to eat nearby.

And finally, the subject of most conversations these days: ICE!

Rumors are rampant that the final boat of the season could be any day and there is certainly skim ice moving through the Straits:

As well as a bit of ice in the harbor:


  1. i am the same way. i was born in lansing. lived in northern calif for 30 yrs. moved back to northern michigan where my grandparents lived. if its winter i want snow.

  2. I have probably said this before but you live in an amazing place. Your photos of the sumac are really wonderful. I love Sumacs because they are everywhere. They are always familiar.

  3. Beautiful snow shots. It add such a nice touch to the natural landscape.