Saturday, February 5, 2011

365 Project

I've taken on a couple new projects recently, one being the 365 Project.

The basis of The 365 Project is simple: it's a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo and upload it to the site. Different people take different approaches, self-portraits, new techniques, image manipulation, family life, etc; the project can be anything you determine .

My intent is to attempt to capture the essence of Mackinac Island. While I will, of course, include the iconic images that would be expected, I plan to focus primarily on the often overlooked aspects of daily life on Mackinac, the small natural beauties, the hidden gems, the day-to-day moments that visitors never notice.

For instance, this woodpecker from my back porch:

A milkweed fluff refracting the sun:
A spot of color in a gray scene:

A reminder of seasons past:

As well, as the season present:

I will be trying to stay true to the spirit of the project and truly try for an original photo taken each and every day, but I suspect I will have to resort to a "filler" (a photo taken early) from time to time.

The calendar function, located at the upper edge of each individual photo, is especially interesting - it's like a mini diary of life, in pictorial form.

I really shouldn't be committing time to another project, but the benefits are potentially incredible: improving my photography skills, training my eye, building a larger library of images, etc. Please take a moment to check out this site, some of the photos are quite amazing!

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  1. how lucky to have the woodpecker in your back yard. i like all the photos posted.