Friday, February 25, 2011

Plate Tectonics

Ice forms on the Straits in sheets and plates, sometimes feet thick; they are always on the move, due to the currents or just the formation of even more ice. When those plates of ice meet the unmovable shore, the ice has to give, resulting in piles of icy shards.

The interaction of light and ice shards is ever changing - my favorite is when it glows a bright blue.

Right now the ice is changing, no longer crystal clear, becoming opaque and very brittle.

So why was I down on the shore, gingerly picking my way through the ice rubble? (And just where does the water start exactly?)

Taking pictures for my 365 Project, of course!

I'm building an incredible library of images, due to the discipline of shooting every day and I'm looking at my surroundings just a bit differently - both will be of great use in future projects.

Creating art is about more than just technique, it takes development of a certain way of looking at and approaching the world around us. Everyone needs to find their own way of discovering their own world view; I'm finding the commitment of this year long project of documenting a piece of my surrounding on a daily basis to be a very powerful tool.


  1. You are blessed to live somewhere where interesting photos are all around.

    It is much harder here in the city. In winter. Everything is covered in grey blocks of ice.

    beautiful photos!

  2. i love these photos - thanks so much for sharing them.