Sunday, February 13, 2011

More 365

I'm now officially 21 days in to my 365 Project, which is going very well, but with some really unexpected results.

I started the project, because I'm always taking photos and I thought it would be great to have another venue for actually using the images I was taking. I soon discovered that I didn't actually take pictures everyday - but I am now!

And that means looking at things a little differently, really observing all the details that we so often overlook, like the bow of this ferry frozen in place and time:

Or this fleet steed:
Grey dull days can be a challenge, especially several in a row - so I've done a little experimentation with vignettes that have meaning:

And played around with the editing software, to change it up a bit:

I've started to really look at items that I wouldn't have considered in the past:

And not just the item itself, but also the shape and shadow it might form:
But this is the shot I'm most proud of - just a bit of water vapor frozen in place. But look again, at the garden of "Frost Flowers", it would have been so easy to walk right by them if not for this project.

This project is taking time and discipline, but the creative rewards and inspiration are ample reward!

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  1. Amazing! I can see where this would be very worthwhile.