Monday, June 29, 2009

The Canvas Project 2

I was playing around one day and discovered the Art House, a gallery that organizes "projects". They define a project as " a collective of artists participating towards a unified outcome that ultimately turns into an exhibition."

The project that caught my eye was The Canvas Project 2; each participant receives a package of five 3x3 inch canvases along with a list of 5 randomly selected, community generated words - one word for each canvas. The mission is to visually create a definition for each word on its respected canvas using any media.

The canvases are exhibited at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's Atrium Gallery in Atlanta, GA and at least one of each participants images will be included in book documenting the project.

Well, I'm definitely a painter "want to be" and it was emphasized that the project was not just for professional artists....

So my five words and canvases arrived. Some of the words were easy to interpret...and some not so much.
Here's my five images:






What do you think my words were?

(#5 is actually a phrase and my image is somewhat embarrassing!)

1 comment:

  1. 1 - Spring
    2 - DNA
    3 - Sacrifice
    4 - Digestion
    5 - House (just kidding--I dunno)

    I figure if you can be vulnerable enough to share your work on the internet, I can take a stab at guessing the words. Don't be offended if I'm way off. I was the first generation for whom art was a budget cut in the schools.