Thursday, June 25, 2009

Empress of Summer

I've previously noted that Trillium can be considered "Queen of the Spring", but come summer , the "Empress" appears - Yellow Lady's Slipper.
We must have ideal growing conditions this year, I don't recall ever seeing such an abundance before, with large clumps and many double blossoms.
They're form is so interesting, almost shyly emerging and then flaunting a huge cupped lip and flirty, curling petals.

Their season is fleeting, but they provide spots of sunshine on the forest floor and are the first of the yellow flowers of summer.


  1. I love your posts with the wildflowers! I love flowers, but I'm a city kid so I don't see the "wild things" very often. As far as ideal conditions, I'm not sure what happened this year. Some of my old reliables in the garden didn't come up at all this year. Puzzling...!