Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Cozy Home

They were right there, hiding in plain sight, perfectly camouflaged unless one was looking very closely. And I was, trying to find a suitable botanical background to use for photographing a beaded piece.

Snugged tightly into their nest, sheltered from the wind, both their coloration and home blending right into the huge bittersweet vine which hasn't yet managed to put forth leaves (is it EVER going to warm up this year?)
Mama bird must have been out hunting, so I was able to quickly shoot a couple photos of these soon to fledge robins without disturbing them too much, a brief moment that made my day.


  1. How sweet! I'm awaiting a similar birth. A black-capped chickadee mom took up residence in a cubbyhole on my potting table - not exactly the most convenient place for them or me. But I'm hoping all goes well.

  2. omgosh! how sweet is this! favorite part of spring is all the new life! i've been watching a mama and papa pair of morning doves who nested in the tree right outside my door. so fascinating isnt it!

  3. What a wonderful accidental discovery! Birds are fascinating creatures. Lovely blog. I've only been to Mackinac once as a child, it must be a lovely place to live.