Sunday, June 20, 2010


We don't have smooth sandy beaches here on Mackinac: we have rocks!

But that doesn't mean that a walk on the shore can't include some beachcombing, here's a few finds from a recent evening stroll:

I loved the water bleached reed with all the little holes and I've no idea what type of creature the bone belongs to, but I actually find the rusty bits the most intriguing. I've been including a steadily increasing amount of "natural beads" or natural items with integral holes in my mixed media embroidery projects and while these iron bits are not precisely "natural", Nature has certainly had her way with them!

I added to my beach glass collection with several great finds, larger in size and an interesting lavender color - I can see some of these ending up with beaded bezels and being included in either jewelry of embroidery.

But this guy is my favorite find of the evening:

He just MUST become a pendant and become a piece of jewelry - quack, quack!


  1. fantastic finds and the size of the beach glass - good going!

  2. Lovely treasures!! I happen to think that rocky beaches are the best ones for treasure hunting!!!! The lavenday glass is very very old clear glass that has been turned lavendar as a result of a chemical reaction between extreme exposure of the old clear glass to UV light!!!! Love it all!!

  3. The last 'find' is fantastic! Yes, yes, it has lots of possibilities!

  4. I read that beach glass is "endangered" - people use plastic or cans. I love beach glass and your finds are lovely. I've never seen lavender beach glass!