Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden Tour

It was definitely time for a weekend away, maybe past time!

We spent the weekend in the eastern UP; our first stop was Grand Marais. We enjoyed an afternoon touring their 5th annual garden tour, a fund raiser to preserve green space.

Our first stop was a formal tea, complete with savory sandwiches and sweets - even fresh picked strawberries and clotted cream.

Being properly fortified, we started our tour. The first garden included many subtle ornaments, including this oversized bird nest - very Andy Goldsworthy and something I may need emulate.

There was heavy rain the night before, so the plants are all still dressed in water drops:

But the afternoon was sunny, giving all the blooms a subtle glow:

Look at this color combo!

And talk about texture -

What a creative boost! - the colors, the textures, the combination of form and placement - I'm quite sure it will provide inspiration and find it's way into my work to come.