Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspired by Lilacs

It's Lilac Festival time here on Mackinac, unfortunately, the lilacs appear to have not read the memo - they bloomed early this year.

Lilacs offer incredible inspiration to the artist, but are an equally incredibly hard image to capture, but these Etsy artists have succeeded; I hope you enjoy these works of creativity.

This is an original watercolor from lemonaday , which captures a deep purple variety.

Petalessence also used watercolors, but with a more dainty, delicate approach, resulting in a mixed color bouquet.

This is also a watercolor, but with an interesting minimalist look. It's from SallyMaraArt.

Here's an up close and personal viewpoint, from weaselle.

amynelson created this vibrant interpretation using oil pastels.

And to end, Seesoul focused on the details in this wonderful illustration.

So many interpretations and they all manage to capture the beauty of the lilac, gone for this year but they'll return in time, to delight us with their scent and form.


  1. Kelly - what a fab blogpost! I am Alison from Petalessence and my blog is eastwitching as I have an Etsy shop of that name too. THis is lovely to see how other artists have interpreted the herald of summer - the lilac tree - my village had a few stunning bushes this last month and the perfume as you walked past was lovely. I am off to explore your blog now. Regards Alison

  2. love watercolors and then have them be of lilacs?! fantastic.