Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greenfield Favorites

We've been attending Greenfield Village's Civil War Remembrance weekend for quite a few years now; the Memorial Day ceremony is especially moving. But we have favorites at the village that have nothing to do with the Civil War, one being Firestone Farm:

It's an actual working farm, complete with crops,

and animals, such as these cows resting in the shade, as well as chickens, sheep with their lambs and, of course, a barn cat.

Cotswald Cottage is another favorite, the gardens were especially lush this year AND they serve afternoon tea al fresco.

I'm always surprised by the amount of wildlife we see, here's a group of turtles sunning themselves in the pond.

We also enjoyed the mama mallard moving her ducklings each morning and evening, but the highlight this year was this little thief:

We watched him going back and forth all morning and we finally had to see what he was collecting - he had discovered a bowl of treasure left out by someone and he made a difficult climb up to this table, shoved an entire peanut in his mouth, climbed down to stow it away somewhere and repeated the entire trip over and over - we didn't have the heart to stop him, he earned those peanuts!

There were so many more images I would have liked to capture, but alas digital cameras did not exist during the War and these were all I was able to discreetly shoot - maybe I'll have to play spectator for a few hours next year and shoot to my hearts content.