Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Adornment

This is an image from the August 1860 edition of Peterson's Magazine. This is one of the rare projects with directions that are actually useful, not the usual "any lady can make the above by looking at the picture". The directions call for a tortoise shell or horn comb with holes bored along the upper edge. The upper pearl beads are attached with wire, the lower swags strung on silk.

Here's my interpretation:

I substituted a plastic comb for the tortoise shell or horn and used metal filigree beads rather than pearls. I've not found any modern imitation pearls with a proper mid-19th century look. This is just a prototype, there's a few errors and things I would change on the next attempt, but overall I'm pleased - it sits well on the head and entices a second look with sparkle and movement.


  1. BEAUTIFUL comb!!!! It came out really well!!! :O)

  2. you are one talented Lady!!! just beautiful!!!

  3. You KNOW I want this, don't you????? barter sometime, maybe????