Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

It sure doesn't feel like spring, it's a brisk 10 degrees out today, and we recently received a good eight inches of snow. But the birds seem to have other ideas; they're everwhere in the woods, flittering about and very vocal. And they're absoluely swarming the feeders and have become quite fearless - I had to shoo them away to fill the feeders! So I went in and grapped the camera, I'm only about two feet away from them in these shots:

Maybe it will be an early spring!


  1. I love chickadees, and they never seem too afraid of people either. They're such cute little birds :)

  2. great shots - we have the same thing going on in our yard - love the northcarolina wren they have such an unmistakable song!