Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

Well, we finally pulled the bikes out of the basement, pumped up the tires, checked the brakes and lubed up the chains. There's still lots of ice and sludge between us and the main road, but we can push through that and once we make it through, there's a strip of road all the way down the hill.

Now, you must realize, it's only in the 30's, maybe the 40's on a good day, so I'm still wearing, boots, heavy parka, two pairs of gloves, headband and neck gaiter, but the bike just gives such a sense of freedom, it just felt so good to jump on and peddle away. And where else but Mackinac, would you be passed by a snowmobile as you ride your bike to work! Each one of us pushing the season, one working to avoid the snow and the other clinging to each patch they can find.

So in honor of my first bike ride "up the hill" (a notable achievement for those of you not familiar with Mackinac), here are a few bicycle themed items from some creative artists at Etsy:

I love this photo from FeralGoat, with the fenders and the cloth tucked under the seat (so as to avoid a wet behind) it could almost be an Island bike - it's just missing the basket and bungee cords.

Here's a great example of upcycling, from pixelthis .

And finally, just for fun, this cute necklace from kissmejewelry


  1. Beautiful finds! I can't wait for the cycling season to start too :)

  2. I sent you an email about trading a cap for some beadwork, but I sometimes end up in even my own spam folder. I can be contacted through my blog too. I'll be adding a link to yours as I love to see what you're working on.

  3. love all of these! especially the necklace!