Friday, March 20, 2009

A Small Tradition

There are many small traditions here on the Island, traditions that the casual visitor will never be aware of and one of these happens on the first day of Spring.

On that day, one of our local florists (whose shop here on the Island is, of course, closed until the season starts) walks the streets and the few open establishments with baskets full of carefully wrapped little packages of daffodils, still tightly in bud, which he presents to anyone he encounters.

We're weeks away from having daffs blooming in our yards; there are small signs of rebirth for those who look closely, but Spring is not here yet, regardless of what the calendar may state. It's a simple pleasure to have these buds slowly unfurl as they soak up warmth and water and a reminder that warmer days will soon be here, allowing us to also unfurl and shed our winter layers.


  1. tradition is good for the soul!!!

  2. That guy is my new favorite person ever. I used to do that in high school - buy a bunch of flowers on the first day of spring and hand them out to whomever I saw.