Sunday, March 29, 2009

Herbarium Update

I've been working on Mary Todd's herbarium this weekend. I collected all the plants I'm using when she visited last October, it was quite a challenge to find nice examples of various plants that were small enough in scale for the doll. I'm having to "compose" my pages from bits and pieces, as opposed to mounting an entire plant.

Tickets are still available for the Mary Todd doll raffle:

Contact Kay Dodge at regarding tickets, please put Mary Todd in the subject box. Tickets are 5 for $6.00 or $1.50 each. The drawing will be held in mid-April at Camp Nelson.

I owe a huge "Thank You" to zibboon , an artist at Etsy, for custom creating the wonderful little book - the scale is perfect!

So back to the tweezers and tiny brush to apply the glue...


  1. aw that is too sweet whata tiny lil notebook

  2. What a great project! My CW group is doing a doll raffle too and I'm inspired by your idea. I'm going to send a link to our president.

  3. WOW!!! What a GREAT idea!!!! You're so talented!!! Civility is jealous! ;O)

  4. what a wonderful challenge!!! you're doing an amazing job!!!