Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Playing With Fire"

Just wanted to share my latest finished piece, "Playing With Fire"
This was made as a submission for the weekly Thursday Sweet Treat Challenge, this week's theme was "A Flicker of Imagination".
I'm working outside my usual boundaries again this week, very graphic, almost cartoonish and like last week, not as polished or refined.

This is a bead embroidered ACEO, the design was just free handed, not planned out in advance. It's a small piece but I still managed to use nearly twenty colors !

Fire and imagination/creativity have much in common:

Both start with a tiny spark.
Both require nurturing and feeding.
Both combine utility with beauty.
Both can be all consuming.
Both can be dangerous - Allowing imagination free rein can be very liberating, but for many people, a dark shadow is lurking, care must be taken in pushing boundaries - sometimes they push back and you can get burned.


  1. do you happen to know how to wash a vintage dress with beading?

  2. Most times these types of dresses cannot be washed. The weight of the beads typically has already placed stress on the fabric, the additional weight of water causes too much damage. You can attempt spot cleaning; make sure the area is well supported until dry.
    Good luck!