Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Like Squirrels

I know many people consider them vermin, or worse, but I just find them endlessly amusing - so curious, fearless and acrobatic.

Here's a linoleum print of a "Bushy Tailed Squirrel" that I recently purchased from artist, Melissa West :

He just makes me laugh!

This is a sight that annoys many people, but how can you not find this funny - my bird feeder has grown a tail!

And now it's gone...

I'll gladly keep them well supplied with seed, a small price to pay for the endless entertainment value.

Here's some new construction, started just this morning that I'll be keeping a close eye on:

And the builder, a soon to be momma squirrel:

This tree is right in front of my house, so perhaps we'll have more entertainers come spring!


  1. AAARGGHHH - I HATE MY SQUIRRELS! They're twice the size of yours and so destructive - they chew through everything and if they can't, they tear it down. I love my birds and my chipmunks but those fat squirrels chase them away and eat all my seed. Then they sit there staring at me and flicking their tails, daring me to come closer. They are monsters, I tell you, monsters!!

    Cute story though. Can I ship all my squirrels to you??

  2. my girlfriend rhonda (RIP) loved squirrels and all their antics. while in yosemite valley we would watch the squirrels bury their finds and then the stellar jays wait til they left and dig em up! we have lots of cute black squirrels on our place in michigan - but my hubby hates the red squawking ones.