Sunday, February 14, 2010

So What Do You Think?

I have a pile of scraps I just can't bear to throw away, leftovers from our holiday cards.
There's a few good sized pieces, but they are predominately narrow strips. They've just been sitting there, taunting me to use them in some manner.
So I've just been playing around with them, this is what I've come up with:
I'm not sure exactly how to use them - cut them into ATC's? Mount them as is in a shadow box frame?
So what do you think?
Try again?
Give in and throw them away?


  1. I love what you HAVE done here!!! CERTAINLY YOU MUST NOT THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!! I might add a few beadsto dnagle form a few of the ends, just for somethig different- rolled paper beads perhaps to kkep with the theme and then mount them in shadow boxes!!!! Sometimes these left over bits can inspire the most spontaneous creativity!!!!
    Warm hugs!

  2. i like what you are doing and where you are headed!!!

  3. I think the gold-red one is lovely as is, and certainly have seen things like that in shadowboxes as art. Another thing you can do is seal them in plastic or something similar, and back it with a scrap of wool fabric or felt, to be used as cold-item trivets. One more is as inserts in trays, on the top of boxes, or otherwise as a decoupage.