Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is what it was meant to look like:

I call this design "Bonds of Love"; a cuff style bracelet based on a Victorian technique - split loom weaving. The solid base is formed and then "split" into smaller bands, which are braided on the loom and then brought back together into another solid base.

However, if you forget to add the extra warp threads needed for the "splits", you need to be creative:

So meet "Silver Ribbons":

I definitely couldn't make braids, but I could still make separate bands and even give them a bit of pierced work - not a bad fix!

This is a bit more modern than much of my work, almost industrial. Not steampunk, maybe "beadpunk"?

Sometimes making a mistake isn't all bad - if you can create a design that incorporates the error and makes it an asset.


  1. Love your work and the way you turned an "oops!" into something interesting and beautiful!

  2. Pretty! An 'Oops' can be an 'Ah hah'!