Friday, February 12, 2010

Ice Bridge?

Not likely this year - it's just been too warm.

So what's the ice bridge?

It's freedom!
The ability to travel on and off the Island without needing to worry about a ferry or plane schedule, across just over three miles of ice formed between the Island and St. Ignace.

An ice bridge doesn't form every year, it's dependant on weather, current, snow cover, etc. And we never know have long it might remain; last year it disappeared completely in less than 24 hours.

There is a wonderful documentary, Ice Bridge - Mackinac Island's Hidden Season, that captures winter on the Island with some simply stunning images and includes a trip across the ice.

So why isn't there a bridge to Mackinaw City?
Because the Coast Guard does their best to keep a narrow shipping channel open going under the Mackinac Bridge.

These photos were taken this morning, it's easy to see the open water and bits of skim ice being broken by the ice cutter.

So currently, the only way off is to fly - ferry boats are still a distant dream!

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