Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Bead Journal Project

There are some real advantages to having a fantasy dressmaker:

It's just fine when she mixes time periods, she can use patterns in ways NOT intended by the creator and she isn't required to be concerned with period correct techniques.

This month, Madame Dressmaker (she really needs a better name - any suggestions?) decided to create a beaded belt.

She started with an elaborate Greek key design originally published by Peterson's Magazine in March 1862.
This pattern was not intended to be used for wearing apparel, it would have been used to create a border on a bit of fancy work to be displayed in the parlor.

I used galvanized size 11/0 seed beads in two colors and stitched three repeats of the pattern using square stitch, a bead weaving technique. The result is strong and flexible.

The belt is accented with just one half of an Edwardian era belt clasp. The other half is heavily tarnished, so this was a great way to display at least part of it.

A scrap of deep blue taffeta from my stash was the perfect complement. It is just roughly gathered and stitched down the middle to the 5"x7" base and the belting tacked in place - giving
the illusion of an intricate bodice.

I'm very pleased with the pattern, I can envision using it in many different ways, in jewelry, as part of an evening bag - or even a real belt for a period gown.


  1. Lovely pattern and beautifully executed. mk

  2. i can't even imagine being able to do that - it is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous belt and the clasp is fabulous!

  4. Wow, what amazing handiwork. Once again your work is beautiful! You must take a picture and let us know when you wear one of your beaded "projects."